Oakland, CA / Manila

The pursuit of peace gives purpose to my painting, brought to life by a curiosity for international culture, art history, everyday objects, and objective values.

My process begins with thinking—thinking about the things we see and interact with every day. Things like maps, flags, clocks, currencies, useful patterns and symbols. These lead me to broader topics like cartography, vexillology, horology, numismatics, semiotics and symbolism. I plumb the depths of such and similar subjects, finding inspiration along the way.

I look back to great creatives of the 20th century, wanting to “carry the torch,” as it were, from where artists like Jasper Johns, Josef Albers, Agnes Martin, and Alma Thomas left it. There is still much to be done with painting inspired by painting, by daily life and the inner life, and by care, color, and play. While the art world hurtles past postmodernity, I step back to serve the unfulfilled ambition of modernity—to make for humanity a better place.

It was the artist Wassily Kandinsky who declared that art is “a power which must be directed to the improvement and refinement of the human soul.” In complete agreement, I wield this power by searching world cultures not only for art and visual artifacts but truth and wisdom. The inquiries of modern art, so largely (yet vaguely) preoccupied with spiritual concerns, are a fitting vehicle for findings both physical and metaphysical. International peace must begin with inner peace.

My work builds a bridge between society’s many divides. Divides that separate fine art from everyday life, the secular from the spiritual, and painting from purpose. There remain gaps between nations and neighbors that art in the spirit of interculturalism can help close. Let us transform “art for its own sake” into “art for our sake.”

Available upon request.